The 'Final Fantasy' brand of games just won a “lo-fi” album of songs that you can download at Spotify. The 'Square Enix Chill Out Arrangement Tracks - Around' 80s Mix ', has 15 songs remixed and adapted to a lighter tone, in order to offer the feeling of relaxation to the user.

If you are not familiar with “lo-fi music”, we explain: “Lo-Fi” is a reduction of the term “low fidelity”, a concept that has existed since the 1950s and refers specifically to songs whose sound does not comply with the minimum technical parameters for a coherent composition.


This is not always the subject of an error, however, with the concept of “Lo-Fi” being applied in different aesthetic ways until it reaches the movement that today is popularly known as “Chillwave”, or “relaxation wave”, in an adapted translation.

In the case of the album released by Square Enix, several famous 'Final Fantasy' songs have won “lo-fi” versions that, honestly, almost don't look like their original versions. The album has 15 tracks, highlighting 'Castle Cornelia', in reference to a location in the first 'Final Fantasy' (1987) and also the 'Chocobo Theme', about the giant yellow birds that serve as transport in several games of the franchise.

“Featuring very relaxing new arrangements of the music from Square Enix’s most popular games. This album features a selection of classic tracks, mostly taken from old 1980s Squaresoft releases, such as 'Final Fantasy', 'Final Fantasy II', 'Final Fantasy Legend III' and 'Final Fantasy Adventure' ”, says description of the launch.

The oldest games in the "Final Fantasy" franchise won an album with "lo-fi" versions of their songs on Spotify. Image: Square Enix / Disclosure
The oldest games in the “Final Fantasy” franchise won an album with “lo-fi” versions of their songs on Spotify. Image: Square Enix / Disclosure

The arrangements were made by relatively popular names in modern music such as DJ Lord Echo, Shingo Suzuki (from Japanese hip hop and jazz band Ovall), as well as Shingo Sekiguchi from Origami Production and Chris Gulino, keyboardist and British pianist.

The album can be found free of charge on Spotify, and premium subscribers to the streaming can download it to listen offline.

Source: Square Enix