The explorer robot (rover) Perseverance first moved its robotic arm on the surface of Mars. It may seem insignificant, but it is an important part of a “check-up” of systems that has lasted 15 days, since your landing on the planet, which is necessary before your exploration mission can begin.

“This week I did a lot of health checks, getting ready to work. I crossed out many of the tasks on my list, including testing instruments, image capture and the movement of my arm. I'm warming up for a science marathon, ”said the robot on its official Twitter account.


NASA will hold a formal conference at 17:30 pm (Brasília time) on Friday (5) to inform the press about the status of the rover. The arm that moved contains several instruments, including a drill that will collect samples of the Martian soil that will be recovered by another mission in the future and brought back to Earth.

The first 100 days of operation of Perseverance on Mars are already completely mapped. After the initial check, the rover's first mission will be to launch and observe the Ingenuity, a small helicopter with four rotors that will try to make the first flight in the skies of another planet, in a technological demonstration that could open the way for the use of drones for reconnaissance of terrain in future human missions.

The Ingenuity flight will require the team to find a flat spot for takeoff, up to 1 kilometer from where the rover landed. With the location determined, Perseverance will go there and unload the helicopter, which is stored in its "belly". It will be carefully lowered to the ground and given a final charge of energy before being disconnected from the rover.

Illustration imagines Ingenuity helicopter flight on Mars
Illustration imagines Ingenuity helicopter flight on Mars

From then on, the team responsible for Ingenuity will have 30 days to carry out up to five flights, each lasting 90 seconds. It will be possible to perform just one flight per day, and the helicopter will use solar panels to recharge its batteries between flights. Perseverance will be watching everything, making pictures and maybe videos of each attempt.

Source: @NASAPersevere

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