Instagram has in recent years become one of the social networks most used in the world. With the tech in full swing came several changes and updates in the application. Before, the network only allowed simple postings of photos and with no means of communication between users, today there is the possibility to share photos in different formats, videos, IGTVs, live performances, in addition to sending messages and much more. Among these updates came Stories, a function that came to aggregate and boost interactivity in the application, being one of the most used tools among bloggerspromoting a lot of publicity.

Purchased for $ 1 billion by Facebook in 2012, Instagram turned 10 last year and continues to rise, becoming one of the main tools for digital marketing through its infinite visibility functions, such as Stories.


But do you know how to create an Instagram Story?

Instagram recently applied yet another of its updates to improve the design and engagement of application. With that, the way of posting a Stories has changed, as well as several other editing options have been added to the features.

When logging into your account, on the first screen, where all your friends' updates appear, you will find three options on the upper right side; a square with the plus symbol (+); a heart; and a little plane.

In the box you can choose to post a photo in your feed and leave it fixed there, like a photo album, or you can just publish a Stories, which will be visible only for 24 hours to your friends. Just click on it and choose what you want to do, as shown in the table below.

Learn to publish Stories. Image: Olhar Digital

When selecting Stories, you can either take a photo taking advantage of the filters that the application offers, or you can also select an image by accessing your photo gallery in a square on the left side, at the bottom of the screen. That done, you can now start editing your Stories, using and abusing GIFs, polls, tests, questions, emojis, songs, and much more…

Learn to publish Stories. Image: Olhar Digital

In the end, when everything is edited according to your preference, just click on “send to” and publish your Stories. Remembering that before finishing you have the option to post the image only to a certain group of friends. Instagram also gives you the option of putting together a list of “best friends”And share your photos only with them.

Learn to publish Stories. Image: Olhar Digital

Okay, now you know how to create and edit a Stories. How about going to Instagram to test everything you've learned?

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