The film 'A Quiet Place 2 - Part 2', a sequel to the feature film directed by John Krasinski and starring his wife Emily Blunt, had its early debut, now scheduled to reach the cinemas Americans on May 28. The information came from Krasinski himself, who confirmed the news by Twitter.

'A Quiet Place - Part 2' was originally scheduled to debut in March 2020, but the new pandemic's arrival coronavirus and the shutdown of cinemas in almost everyone forced the film to postpone several. However, a series of recent events ended up benefiting the anticipation of his debut.

“They always say that good things come to those who expect them. Well ... I think we've waited long enough. 'A Quiet Place - Part 2'.

The first was the release of an estimate of the national vaccination plan against Covid-19 in the USA. According to President Joe Biden's communications team, the United States is moving towards "ensuring a vaccine for every adult person" in the country by the end of May. In addition, a recent approval by health authorities has authorized movie theaters to reopen in limited capacity starting next weekend.

In addition, the decision was also the result of a business measure: Paramount Pictures, producer of 'A Quiet Place - Part 2', recently announced a plan to reduce the waiting window between the release of a film in theaters and the ViacomCBS streaming service (your owning company) - that hit the market this week.

This film, together with 'Mission Impossible 7', will take just 45 days between arriving on the big screen and availability in streaming. Within that window, 'A Quiet Place - Part 2' is expected to hit mobile devices and smart TVs in July.

In addition, the competition also ended up contributing to the change: Universal's 'F9' film was played from May to June this year, leaving an open space for Paramount to tinker with its own calendar.

In 'A Quiet Place - Part 2', the survivors of the Abbott family continue on their journey to try to rebuild their lives in a world dominated by creatures that find their victims by sound. The appreciation for silence was one of the most successful points of the first film and should be repeated here, but the official synopsis also points to other dangers:

“After the deadly events at their home, the Abbott family now faces the terrors of the outside world as they continue their struggle for survival in complete silence. Forced to venture into the unknown, they quickly realize that the creatures that hunt for sound are not the only threats that sneak their way. ”

Source: John Krasinski, via Twitter