Apple today launched (5) Apple for Kids, a secondary page located on its support website that is designed to help parents and children configure devices, adjust family sharing and also provides a series of guidelines on the best uses of products of the Cupertino company by the small ones.

The new page has quick links that have a variety of information, but are of great use to parents with young children who already have their own iPhone, iPad ou Apple Watch. When accessing the Apple for Kids website, the user finds guidance guides for managing family groups, what to do if the child has lost or changed a password, or if he or she bought something at the store or the App Store by accident - something that, let's face it, many of us have seen or spent.

Image shows the main page of the "Apple for Kids" website, dedicated to the configuration and family management of iPhones, iPads and other devices
With Apple for Kids, Apple hopes to get closer to the family environment, helping parents and children adjust their devices. Image: Apple / Reproduction

In addition, the most prominent icons on the page direct you to the creation of family sharing resources, where you add or remove members of a group through their respective Apple IDs. In view of the need to create a new account, there is also a specific direction button for this.

Avoiding accidental purchases

Another interesting feature and, fortunately, very evident in Apple for Kids, is the “Ask to Buy” function. When triggering it, a family group user who tries to make a purchase on the App Store will need approval from the organizer before finalizing the transaction. Finally, there are instructions for using the Find my feature for tracking lost devices, as well as a guide on how to send money to selected devices using Apple Pay.

O Olhar Digital searched quickly, but we couldn't find any Portuguese version of “Apple for Kids”, which leads us to conclude that, for now, the platform is only available in the USA (there are even some country-specific features, for example ).

Source: Apple