Telegram has been gaining space and winning over several users of the WhatsApp within the IM market. Just over a month ago, the platform reached the number of 500 million active accounts and, among the factors that drove the app, you can describe the different advantages that it has in relation to competitors, such as self-destructive messages, secret chats, scheduled messages, etc.

However, we are not going to deal with the extra features of Telegram, but about simple things like adding, deleting or blocking contacts. All of this may seem very easy, but for newcomers the interface of the platform it can make things a little confusing.


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Learn how to manage your contacts on Telegram:

Add your property

When installed, the application automatically connects to the phone's contact list, but it is also possible to add phone numbers within Telegram itself.

1 - Click on the icon of the three horizontal lines in the upper left corner of the screen. Then, select the “Contacts” option;

Add contacts from the app. Image: Olhar Digital

2 - Click on the add people icon in the lower right corner of the screen. Now you can add your contact, choose the name, enter the number and select the tick to save.

See how to add contacts via Telegram. Image: Olhar Digital


1 - It is possible to delete contacts from the platform, without having to remove them from the phone's phonebook. You must search for the contact you want to delete and open the conversation tab, then click on the icon of the three vertical balls;

Delete or edit contacts within the platform. Image: Olhar Digital

2 - The application will open a page with the contact information, choose again the three vertical balls in the upper right corner of the screen;

Print from Telegram. Image: Olhar Digital

3 - Select the option “Delete contact”, then click on “Delete” to confirm the action.

Click on “Delete contact” to delete. Image: Olhar Digital

Lock or unlock user

1 - As described in the previous tip, open the page with the contact information and click on the option “Block user”. Then confirm the decision by pressing the option “Block user” again;

The tool allows you to block other users. Image: Olhar Digital

2 - To unlock an account, you can open the conversation tab and at the end of the screen click on the option “Unblock” and confirm the action by selecting “Ok”. The unlock option is also available on the tab where the user information is shown.

You can unlock a user at any time. Image: Olhar Digital

Ready! Now you know how to manage your contacts in Telegram simply and quickly.

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