New on Twitter: Button that cancels messages could be a new feature

Redaction March 5th, 2021

Twitter goes through a series of transformations and experiments with new features. The next to be launched may be the button to cancel shipments! That's what the app decoder Jane Wong discovered. Hidden in the social network code, Wong found a short but revealing video. The file shows how the new tool can work.

You can see a button with the command to cancel sending that appears after the classic message “Your tweet has been sent”.


Next to the cancel button, a time bar starts to run and offers the user the possibility to think if he really wants to send or undo what he wrote.

The novelty can be offered to those who adhere to the “super follow”, a mechanism recently announced by Twitter to provide paid content.

If launched, the feature can be very useful. Who has never regretted a tweet in the middle of the night, right?