The number of offers for employment in the model home office it grew exponentially in the last year, registering a 309% increase during 2020 - or the equivalent of 2.428 openings in this work regime.

According to a survey conducted by the recruitment and selection website, tech was the main sector that contributed to this number, accounting for 41% of open opportunities.


The ranking is completed by the segments of finance (11%), consulting and business management (10%), insurance (8%), telecommunications (7%) and education (4%). The other 19% correspond to varied sectors.

Man working from home
Technology is among the segments that most contributed to the increase in job offers in the remote regime. Credits: Shutterstock

Technology also appears when the subject is the most sought after area by candidates, representing 38% of the polls. The sector is followed by sales (10%), human resources (4%), marketing (4%), administrative (3%), financial (2%), telemarketing (2%), customer service (2%), consultant ( 2%), law (1%), accounting (1%) and market intelligence (1%).

Remote work gains scale

During the pandemic, companies inevitably had to leave employees working from home. It was what unlocked many obstacles that surrounded remote work, a demand that has long been part of conversations that have not evolved.

Rafael Urbano, specialist in business intelligence at, points out that there has been an increase in the interest of customers of the platform regarding this work regime since the second quarter of 2020, precisely at the height of the crisis caused by the coronavirus here in Brazil .

“It was a type of activity with a low frequency of vacancies offered in our system and that ended up generating a gigantic volume from the new times to which we have all been subjected”, Comments the executive.

And it was not just at Vacancies that the demand for home office was consolidated. Many companies positioned themselves during the year, stating that they would maintain the work model on a permanent basis.

Another search recently carried out by the security company Fortinet also showed that after the pandemic of the new coronavirus, 30% of organizations must follow through with the home office as an officially accepted work model.

The companies even reported plans to increase investments in structure for telework by 90%, or about US $ 250 million for this purpose.

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