Tesla's CEO Elon Musk used your official account on Twitter to say that the brand is expanding its software testing to carros autonomous. Up-to-date, the program should arrive in up to ten times more vehicles than assembler. As demand, from one day to the next, was high, he asked for up to 10 days for the Full Self-Driving (FSD) Beta to be added.

Last Friday (5), Musk said that anyone who wanted to download the FSD would inform the brand. The next day, he warned that there were many requests, which could cause it to take a little longer, but that the download button would appear on the display. "Availability varies by region, by regulations and / or Tesla development and testing," he amended.

Tesla uses FSD Beta software on autonomous vehicles. Tesla
Tesla uses FSD Beta software on autonomous vehicles. Image: YouTube / Playback

The company's CEO took the opportunity to add that the program has “beta” in the name precisely to decrease complacency and leave expectations at more “appropriate” levels. “All software is first tested internally by the company's simulation and quality control teams. Tesla“, Added Musk.

Despite the program update, it is recommended that drivers keep their hands on the wheel, prepared to take control in case something happens. The program for autonomous cars began to be made available in October last year. By the end of January this year, around XNUMX Tesla vehicle drivers had activated the FSD Beta function.

The models of the automaker that have the ability to have the autopilot are the S, X and 3. In addition to driving, vehicles can also park themselves. Elon Musk stated, last Wednesday (3), that the Beta version will be offered in greater number when version 9 is ready, in April.

Earlier this month, a video showed one of the autonomous cars avoiding an accident. The driver captured the moment and posted the images on social media.

Street: The Verge