A Toyota launched the new Corolla Cross in Brazil in two versions. The SUV model of the world's best-selling vehicle has combustion options, with a 2.0L Dynamic Force flex engine, and hybrid, with three engines, two electric and one combustion flex.

“I wanted a car that was good from the point of view of the consumer and not just from the point of view of engineering. That's because I believe that we should all put ourselves in the customer's shoes to make a good product, ”said chief engineer Daizo Kameyama, one of the creators of Corolla Cross.



The combustion engine vehicle also has a 10-speed Direct Shift transmission and direct injection. It comes in XR and XRE versions. The automaker's hybrid system, on the other hand, repeats what is available in the Corolla sedan. Thus, the automaker guarantees that the SUV is the "second hybrid vehicle capable of running on ethanol in the world".

The Hybrid Cross has XRV Hybrid and XRX Hybrid versions. Toyota also brings the special launch edition, called the 'Special Edition'. This is based on the high-end version, XRX Hybrid, and limited to 1.200 units.

The car is mounted on the GA-C platform, promising silence inside the vehicle, in addition to large space for passengers and cargo, with a capacity of 440L in the trunk. The units will be assembled at the Toyota plant in Sorocaba (SP).

The XR has alloy wheels, rim 17 ″ and 215/60 R17 tires. The XRE and XRV Hybrid use '8 ″ rings. In all hybrid versions, the tires are 225/50 R18. Inside, combustion cars have a 4,2 ″ screen on the dashboard, while hybrids have a 7 ″ monitor. The electric car also has a sunroof;

A novelty in this model is the height, with 12 centimeters of height more than the Corolla sedan in the point of view. The car also has seven airbags and a reverse camera in all versions. The headlights, in the entry version, are halogen. The rest have LED headlights. In hybrid cars, their finish is blue. The entire line also has daytime running lights.

The Corolla Cross will go on sale on March 25, starting at R $ 139.990, in the flex model. The hybrid version starts at R $ 179.990. The special edition will be sold for R $ 183.980. The available colors are Polar White (solid), Pearly Lunar White, Infinite Black, New Moon Silver, Granite Gray, Garnet Red and Neptune Blue.

The automaker offers a five-year warranty on the entire line, with no mileage limit for individuals. The limit for legal entities is 100 thousand kilometers, or five years. Hybrid versions have an extended system warranty of eight years.

Check out pictures of the Corolla Cross: