Who does marathons on Netflix, but not pay the ticket, you may have a reason to be afraid. A new feature that is in test phase may signal an effort by the streaming giant to block account password sharing.

The new mechanism is relatively simple and is widely used by other platforms to confirm account ownership. When logging in to a device, the user sees a pop-up on the screen that asks to confirm the account with a code sent by email ou SMS.


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There will be an option to verify the identity later - if it is selected, the pop-up will appear again at an undetermined time. But, if the user does not confirm the account within a certain period of time, he will no longer be able to access the service and will be guided to create a new account.

Restricted pilot

netflix television
First tests of the new feature will be done on Smart TVs Image: cottonbro / Pexels

At first, this measure may seem relatively easy to circumvent, since most people who use other people's accounts do so with someone close, such as a relative, friend or boyfriend who can receive and send the code via message.

However, the idea of ​​Netflix is ​​to block at least part of password sharing and achieve some degree of growth in the number of paying users. For the time being, tests will be done with few users from random countries using the service in Smart TVs.

The measurement tightens the belt in one of the Service Terms less respected by Netflix, which is what says the platform’s content is “for your personal, non-commercial use only and cannot be shared with people outside your home”.

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