Doctor Ludhmila Hajjar, listed for replace Eduardo Pazuello at the Ministry of Health, has already criticized the conduction of the pandemic by the administration of President Jair Bolsonaro (without a party). In several interviews, the cardiologist spoke out against “early treatment”From Covid.

Ludhmila Abrahão Hajjar is 43 years old and is a cardiologist at the Heart Institute of São Paulo (Incor) and also works at the Vila Nova Star hospital chain.


According to the newspaper The globe, she was polled by government interlocutors and met with Bolsonaro this Sunday afternoon (14). In an interview given to the Option Newspaper, from Goiás, last week, the doctor made harsh criticisms of the way that Brazil is dealing with the pandemic

"We were never supposed to be on the increase in the number of dead patients, and the world is showing a drop," said the cardiologist. "Brazil is doing everything wrong and is paying a price for it," he added. 

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Without mentioning names, Ludhmila also criticized the government's vaccine procurement policy, which decided to bet only on the AstraZeneca / Oxford immunizer. "Brazil should already have five or six vaccines available today," he declared. 

Criticisms of “early treatment”

Ludhmila Hajjar has already criticized the distribution of the so-called “kit-covid”. Photo: Carolina Antunes / PR

In the same interview, Ludhmila Hajjar was also incisive when speaking against the adoption of the so-called Covid kit, or, “early treatment”, which is proven ineffective to treat coronavirus infections. 

“We know that chloroquine has not worked for many months, that azithromycin has not worked for many months, that ivermectin has not worked for many months. But there are still these kits out there ”, lamented the doctor, who was also critical of the defense of this type of treatment by medical councils

“There are councils that defend. There are pieces of advice that do not deny ”, he fired. “It is a conjunction of factors. The lack of knowledge and the non-adoption of practices based on scientific evidence only puts people's lives at risk ”, he added. 

Supposed audio can melan appointment

Physician defended Ronaldo Caiado as a possible candidate for the presidency of the Republic. Credit: Democratas / licensed under CC BY 2.0

Although still the most quoted to assume the Ministry of Health, the name of Ludhmila Hajjar lost strength on Sunday night. According to the newspaper The Globe, an audio attributed to her would have been discovered by Jair Bolsonaro and left the president disappointed with the doctor. 

In the recording, the cardiologist would have called Bolsonaro a "psychopath" and defended the election of the governor of Goiás, Ronaldo Caiado, to the presidency of the Republic. At the time, Caiado, who was classified by her as brave, criticized the president's statements. 

“I don't even know what's going to happen with this Brazil. Will catch fire. I just know that I want the Caiado president, that's all. Because he was brave ”, says the supposed audio. "He arrives. This JB has to fall. He's a psychopath, ”adds the woman. 

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