A video that was viral in 2013 it surfaced in recent weeks and continues to intrigue internet users around the world. It is a sea creature found more than 1,2km depth surprisingly shatters in front of the cameras

As when it was published, the video intrigued part of the more than one million people who watched it. The recording, which was made with a Remote Operation Vehicle (ROV) underwater, captured a jellyfish-like creature. 


In just over a minute, the animal is spotted from afar and the camera approaches. After that, he swims for a few seconds and appears to be sucked in by a kind of vacuum, dividing into several pieces. 

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According to the channel's administrators Youtube "captain JRD ”, the images did not undergo any kind of alteration and were captured during an ROV expedition deep in the Indian Ocean, on the east coast of the African continent. 

Netizens were confused

In the almost 5 comments that the video has received so far, most of the Internet users were confused and surprised by what they saw, not knowing how to explain for sure what the animal is, if in fact it was an animal and much minus the reason why it disintegrated in front of the ROV. 

“Glides majestically, changes majestically, shines majestically”, admired one user. “Makes a couple of cute spins and is brutally shattered and thrown into the void. Torn glow globe ”, he added. 

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