For fans of Tesla Cybertruck today was certainly a day of revelation. This is because, although it is certainly marked in many tweets, Elon Musk chose a specific one to answer this Thursday (25). In response to user Zack (@JubanMohamed), the automaker's CEO revealed that the electric truck's S model may not have handles.

First, Zack asked if the owner of the SpaceX e Neuralink could give a teaser of the next SUV vehicle. Although he did not quote the word “door” in his reply, enthusiasts of eletric cars immediately started to create theories in this direction. The one that best fits Musk's sentence, which speaks of the absence of "handles", is that the new Cybertruck will probably not have handles.


The site Teslarati it also raised the possibility that these handles are actually internal ones. The statement considers the fact that Tesla has developed technologies to remove all internal components from its cars. "The most recent of them was the new model S and the model X gearbox, which was replaced by an automatic system coupled with a manual touch / steering wheel", said the portal, who also recalled that the doors of the Cybertruck are considerably heavy .

In addition, other speculation about the future model is that it should be smaller than its predecessor. Musk said earlier this year that the car could be launched in 2021. "We will soon be ordering the equipment needed to make the Cybertruck," said Musk at the opportunity.

Elon Musk's company prepares news for the new Cybertruck. Credits: Vitaliy Karimov / Shutterstock

Tesla Strapless Cybertruck

It should be noted that the Tesla he has been studying ways to innovate at the door of his vehicles for years. Current models have handles that "stay flat against the car until the car key gets close to the vehicle, or if an individual pushes a corner of the door handle when the car is already unlocked," recalled the website Business Insider.

Likewise, since 2015, Tesla cars have automatic opening and closing doors, as well as “presentation” doors.

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It is also worth noting that even before its launch, the future Cybertruck is already successful. Hot Wheels, for example, owned by Mattel, gave in to the charms of the model and will start delivering a miniaturized version of the vehicle. The remote control cart will have multiple speeds and promises to win the hearts of fans not only of the brand, but also of Musk.

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