In October 2020 a user of the TikTok shared a video of a strange sea creature captured by a fisherman. However, the record went viral this year, after the British portal Unilad published a news story comparing the being with the Demogorgon, a monster of the series Stranger Things, which is produced by Netflix.

The portal toyed with such a comparison because the owner of the video, Natalia Vorobok, published the record made in Coney Island, in the United States, with the music of the series playing in the background, which made the scene even more horrifying. O animal in fact it did not seem to be from this world, but this may be related to the line of the fisherman who was winding his body.

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Please, don't let this drop! This is what we caught on Coney Island #fyp

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David Ebert, specialist in sharks, told the Snopes that the strange creature was probably a small streak, known as Leucoraja erinacea, or a small skate. The expert also explains that it is possible to verify that the being was a male, due to the kind of “wand” apparent in the video.

"This is a skateboard, an adult male, you can tell by the clamps, but it looks like it's wrapped in a monofilament fishing line, which gives it a contorted look," said Ebert.

Little skateboard captured on Coney Island
Small skate captured on Coney Island. Credits: Reproduction / Social Media

The expert denied any comment that stated that the animal was underdeveloped, or had a bad formation due to the poison. According to Ebert, the animal only seems so strange because its wings are wrapped by the fishing line.

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According to the University of Florida Museum, these fish they are common along the east coast of North America and have a blind nose and a diamond-shaped body. The small skateboard carries thorns on its shoulders, tails and back and can sting people who step on it, since the animal is normally in the seabed walking with tiny legs.

See in the video below how the animal is:

It is, despite all the suspense caused by the user of TikTok with the sea creature, it was not this time that life imitated art and the Demogorgon was found in our world.

Demogorgon Credits: social networks

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