General Motors revealed an SUV version of pickup Hummer's electrical system for the American market. The model arrives with a retail price of US $ 110.595 (R $ 631.309 in direct conversion) and has already had its reserves exhausted on the website of GM

Os Electric Hummers are being produced under the GMC brand, which is General Motors' division focused on large vehicles. According to the company, the SUV should go into production at the beginning of 2023 and will have cheaper versions, starting at US $ 90 thousand (R $ 513,74 thousand). The higher priced version will be produced by the end of 2021 and will have a higher level of finish. 


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The model will come standard with Crab Walk technology, which allows the Hummer to turn its four wheels and drive diagonally at low speeds. As with the pickup, the SUV will also have Extract Mode, which uses an air suspension system that allows the vehicle to lift six inches off the ground to overcome obstacles. 

Back of the brand

Until the 2008 crisis, Hummer was figured in hip-hop clips as a synonym for ostentation. However, because it is a high fuel consumption vehicle, the sharp rise in oil and sales dropped and the model was discontinued in 2010. 

10 years later, as part of its investment in electric cars, GM decided to revive the brand as one of the foundations of its project, which, among other things, wants to show that electric vehicles can also be attractive. 

The Hummer EV Edition 1 2022 will be the first all-electric addition to the GM line, with Ultium batteries with an autonomy of 560 kilometers and fast charging of 350 kW DC - which according to the automaker allows almost 160 kilometers of range in 10 minutes of charge . The vehicle also runs the latest version of Super Cruise, the driver assistance feature with more than 322 kilometers of roads enabled. 

With information from The Verge 

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