A mechanical engineer and youtuber named Michael Pick built the biggest Nintendo Switch in the world and donated it to a local children's hospital! O consul giant measures 70 by 30 inches, weighs almost 30 kg and really works.

“The kids loved it! Honestly, the best part of this construction. I really like the Nintendo Switch. It's small, it's portable, but it's very easy to lose, and for me that was a problem, ”said Michael in an interview with the forum Reddit. "So, I decided to fix this by doing something a little bigger and a little harder to lose."


The entire process of creating and building the “biggest Nintendo Switch in the world” was shared on Michael's YouTube channel. As you can see in the video above, the giant console is 650% bigger than a normal Switch.

Another interesting detail is that the wooden joy-con is connected to a 4K screen built-in, including buttons and analog, and it really works. The engineer also showed that chargers were incorporated into the console, so that controls do not run out of battery during gambling.

But if the Switch is too big for you to be able to play, no problem. According to the engineer in the video, players can also use external controllers (something like a Pro Controller) to be able to enjoy your game favorite in the “giant”.

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Don't want to play on the giant Switch? Everything is fine. A new edition of the Nintendo console (normal size, of course) should be launched later this year, taking advantage of the sales of festivities, such as Christmas and New Year. And more: the version can use a chip from Nvidia that has technology Deep Learning Super Sampling ( DLSS). This would allow the game display graphics in 4K resolution in TV mode, in addition to other improvements.

Engineer builds the world's largest Nintendo Switch. Image: Michael Pick / Reproduction
Engineer builds the world's largest Nintendo Switch. Image: Michael Pick / Reproduction

Source: Destructoid

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