Having an Android TV means enjoying the favorite apps from your mobile device on your television. However, it is always good to be aware of permissions granted to aplicativos installed, as it is natural to forget which authorizations have been assigned to the tools.

Some applications, for example, enable tools such as a microphone, camera and other features. It is like 70% of Brazilians fear being spied on by their computer's webcam, according to a study by security company Kaspersky, disabling some functions can provide greater security and privacy when using devices.


On Android mobile devices, the process can be performed by entering settings and accessing app permissions. In theory, the process is quite similar for managing permissions on Android TV, but the path to the task is not quite that intuitive.

Fortunately, Android TVs don't usually have as many permissions as seen on cell phones (GPS, access to the media library and contacts, among others). But it's always a good idea to keep an eye on apps, as updates may require new permissions.

Below is a simple and quick step by step on how to manage the permissions of the apps installed on your Android TV. Follow the tutorial carefully and eliminate yet another “headache” from the technological age.

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Managing app permissions on your Android TV

Android TV display
Checking apps' permissions on Android TV can prevent tools from using a microphone and camera, for example. Photo: Mr. Mikla / Shutterstock

1. Go to "Settings".

2. Go to “Device preferences”.

3. Go to "Store".

4. Choose the option “Shared internal storage”.

5. Go to "Forms".

6. Go to “See all apps”.

7. Choose the "Permissions" option.

Once this is done, a list installed applications. Just click on the desired app and enable or disable the permissions of each application.

Although simple, the task can be essential in times of monitoring and data theft.

Source: Xatak Android