General Motors has announced that it will begin producing an electric version of its iconic pickup truck Silverado. The model should start production in 2022 and is part of the platform Ultium EV, GM's bet on the heated electric car market. 

The pickup will be built at the company's ZERO Factory in Detroit, and was designed from the ground up to be an electric car, not an adaptation of the version to combustion. As it is a pickup truck widely used by Americans for work activities, the vehicle will be available in retail and fleet configurations. 


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GM's estimate is that Electric Silverado will run around 643,7km on a single charge, but that could change based on the EPA rating. If the truck really achieves this autonomy, its range will be similar to that of the sedan Model S, from Tesla

Without many details

Silverado will be produced in the same factory as the Hummer SUV EV. Credit: GM / Disclosure

General Motors declined to disclose many details about its new truck, only that it will be available for sale in early 2023 and will be sold as a 2024 model. The electric Silverado will be produced in the same factory as the newly announced one. Hummer EV SUV, which will have its assembly started in 2021 and the future autonomous van Cruise Origin. 

GM invested US $ 2,2 billion (R $ 12,29) in the construction of the ZERO factory, which is the former Detroit-Hamtramk automaker, owned by General Motors itself, so that it could produce a wide variety of trucks and SUVs completely electrical. 

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