Tesla is expanding its charging station (Supercharger) of electric vehicles at Harris Ranch, California. And like everything the brand does, it is noteworthy. The expansion is large enough to make it the largest in the world, with spaces for 100 cars.

A Harris Ranch Supercharger it is one of Tesla's oldest and most important charging stations. The space is strategically positioned between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, which are two of the largest markets for the brand in the world, and has the convenience of being located in a sparsely populated area.

Tesla Supercharger Station. Image: Tesla / Disclosure
Tesla is building the largest charging station in the world between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, USA. Image: Teslla / Disclosure

The station currently has only 18 charging bays, but Tesla plans to add an additional 82 charging spaces on site, making a total of 100. Tesla's on-site partner, the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant, gave more details in the Facebook on the “construction” of the largest station Supercharger the world.

“We are pleased to announce that Tesla has signed up for the construction of the largest space Supercharger in the world, which will have more than 100 bays and will be located right here at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California ”, says post.

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Currently, the largest Supercharger Tesla's company is based in Shanghai, China, and has 72 vacancies. In the United States (USA), for now, it is the one in Firebaugh, also in California. This last place to charge electric cars, is also equipped with 250kW V3 ultra-fast chargers and is not far from the city of Harris Ranch.

Explaining: the higher the power output, the faster the electric vehicle can charge, depending on the capacity. By charging faster, you reduce the time spent at the station. So, Tesla is expected to update the now “biggest charging station in the world” with more powerful technology in the bays to not cause congestion with multiple cars on the site entering and exiting at the same time.

Tesla Supercharger Station. Image: Tesla / Disclosure

According to the Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant, Tesla plans to deploy energy storage at the new station Supercharger. This could deal with the high demand and possible capacity of the place, in addition to making the shipment cheaper.

Source: ELECTrek

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