Rapper and music producer Will.i.am, leader of the band Black Eyed Peas, created a New model protective mask with bluetooth headphones coupled. The accessory was named “Xupermask” and developed in partnership with the American company Honeywell. 

According to the developers, the new mask has a highly technological filter that is capable of filtering up to 99,9% of air impurities. The accessory is already in a own website, which was not available at the time of publication of this article, for the not very inviting price of US $ 299 (R $ 1,68 thousand). 


The mask will actually hit the market next Thursday (8) and is produced with a compound that mixes plastic materials, elastane and an HEPA air filtration system, which can help protect against Sars-Cov-2. The attached headphones have noise cancellation, LED lights and battery with autonomy for up to seven hours of music. 

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As a way of promoting Xupermask, Will.i.am appeared wearing the accessory in the most recent Black Eyed Peas music video, Girl Like Me, which has the participation of Colombian Shakira. According to Honeywell, the mask was created to last up to one year without the need for maintenance or filter replacement, requiring only the cleaning of the fabrics. 

Cinema thing

In addition to Will.i.am and Honeywell, another person involved in the Xupermask project is José Fernandez, founder and CEO of Ironhead Studios and responsible for creating the uniforms for several films in the Marvel Studios, as "Black Panther"And Fox's first" Avengers "as" X-Men 2 "and the" Mandalorian "series. Besides being responsible for the concept of the uniforms of the SpaceX

The number of Xupermasks sold will be limited and the product will have few lots, in a scheme similar to that used by the urban clothing brand Supreme. Each batch will have a unique color combination that will only last until stocks are exhausted. 

Will.i.am's relationship with technology is not new, some of the Black Eyed Peas clips have a futuristic aesthetic and the theme of some songs also refers to the relationship between man and machines. On one of the band's hiatuses, Will even worked as an innovation consultant at Intel and presented a podcast on the topic. 

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