End of the reign of the famous “tears of joy” emoji on Twitter. In its place this year is another little face with teary eyes: the Loudly Crying Face. The information is from Emojipedia, a platform that gathers data about the universe of virtual conversations icons.

According to the website, the fall of “Rosto com Lágrimas de Alegria” on social media has been noticed since July 2019. However, the pace of the symbol's disuse has accelerated since April 2020. The effect may reflect the period of pandemic Covid-19 that the world has faced since last year.

Graph shows evolution of the rise of the “Loudly Crying Face” icon and decline of the “Face with Tears of Joy” symbol, former leader of the emojis. / Credits: Emojipedia

“We can see that, from April 2020, the 'Face with Tears of Joy' icon begins to experience a month-to-month decline faster than between the peak of its use on Twitter (June 2019, according to our data) and the moment of classification of Covid-19 as pandemic by the World Health Organization (WHO), in March ”, points out the platform.

Generation Z rejects the former "leader of the emojis"

According to an analysis by Emojipedia, another factor may be the conflict of behavior between generations of web users in relation to the use of smiles. The youth of the call Generation Z (born from the mid-90s until the beginning of the 2010s) have a certain “dislike” for the “tears of joy” emoji. “This emoji is being 'canceled' by Generation Z users in favor of alternative means of emojify laughter and fun ”, says the website.

The platform also bets on another reason for the disuse of the ex-darling of the emojis: “'Face with Tears of Joy' may have simply been a victim of its own success. People are tired of seeing you ”.

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Different interpretations of the “crying out loud” emoji

Although “Crying out loud” is mostly used to express sadness or grief, many emoji users find its expression overly melodramatic. “Some feel strongly that it should not be used to convey sadness in any way. After all, there are many icons that seem to convey a form of sadness that is more sincere than he is, ”explains the Emojipedia publication.

In addition, the website explains that, “for some people, the symbol 😭 is simply a smiley face better than 😂. And that's fine. There is no right or wrong way to use an emoji ”.

Source: Emojipedia

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