We all know that the Facebook feed features the publications that the algorithm considers more relevant, and often this does not mean newer publications. However, in March this year the social network made available tools so users can decide what they want to track on the timeline.

Among the available options, it is possible to choose between the “Home page”, the common one that follows the algorithm's standards. “Favorites”, which features publications from only pages e profiles that you have saved. And finally, “Recentes”, which shows publications in chronological order, that is, from the newest to the oldest.


The feed change process can be done simply and quickly using the Facebook application that is available for mobile phones with an operating system Android ou iOS, or the version for desktop.

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Learn to view the latest posts on Facebook

1 - Open the Facebook application on your phone;

2 - Click on the tab of the three lateral lines located in the upper right corner;

Print from Facebook application

3 - Search for and select the option “Recent & Favorites”;

Print from Facebook application

4 - You will be automatically redirected to the home page of your profile on the social network;

5 - A bar will open with the three feed options. Now you can choose how you want to view the publications on your Facebook.

Print from Facebook application

Ready! Now you know how to ignore Facebook's algorithm when viewing your friends' posts and pages you follow on Facebook's social network. Mark Zuckerberg. The process can be done quickly and conveniently at any time.

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