This Wednesday (7), Palmeiras, current champion of the Copa Libertadores will take the field against the Argentine team Defensa Y Justicia, winner of the Copa Sudamericana, by Recopa Sulamericana. The departure of football, however, it will not be transmitted on open or closed TV - the game will be made available to subscribers of Conmebol TV, of the South American Football Confederation.

But how does Conmebol TV work? Unlike other services that broadcast football matches, Conmebol TV is exclusive to subscribers of some pay TV operators and needs to be purchased separately from the traditional package. Check below what you need to know to watch the match.

South American Recopa will be held on Wednesday (7). Reproduction: EFKS / shutterstock.com

What is Conmebol TV?

The pay-per-view service of the governing body of South American football was launched last year and includes some of the competitions organized by Conmebol, such as the Copa Libertadores, the Copa Sudamericana and the World Cup Qualifiers, besides Recopa itself. It is not available as an application, but as a linear TV channel.

In Brazil, Conmebol is operated in partnership with Band and is available to subscribers of two operators: Sky and Claro. To purchase the special package, you must sign in with the pay TV provider. The monthly subscription price is R $ 39,90.

So far, there is no way to watch the matches via computer or cell phone, but some games have also ended up being broadcast on Facebook in the past - which will not happen in the case of Recopa Sul-Americana.

South American Recopa: the match

Palmeiras won the Copa Libertadores da América at the end of January, after beating the also Brazilian Santos with a goal in the last seconds of the match. The Argentines of Defensa Y Justicia defeated local rivals of Lanús in the decision, thus winning the first international title in the history of the club.

The match this Wednesday (7) will be played at the Norberto Tomaghello stadium, in the city of Florencio Valera, a city close to Buenos Aires. Next week (14), the second duel will be played at the Mané Garrincha Stadium, in Brasília, as sports activities are suspended in São Paulo due to the coronavirus pandemic.