Word is one of the most famous text editors in the world. The tool of Microsoft products was launched in 1983 and receives several updates and features to make life easier for users. One of them, still little known, is to hide or show texts in a document.

The function can be very useful for users who want to print one or more versions of the same document without having to delete information or create files new. THE hardware it is also interesting for those who want to insert additional information in a text to be consulted when necessary.


In case of hiding text for printing, the section will remain available whenever you want, but it will not be displayed on the printing sheet. It is as if the hidden part was not part of the document.

Although very useful and practical, the function of hiding and showing text in Microsoft Word is still little known by users.

See how to hide text in Word

1 - Open your file in Word, select the section you want to hide and click on the arrow icon in the "Source" tab;

Microsoft Word Print

2 - It is also possible to perform the action by clicking Ctrl + D;

3 - Automatically a window will open, check the option “Hidden”;

Microsoft Word Print

4 - Click on “Ok” to close the window. Once this is done, the selected section will be hidden.

Microsoft Word Print

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How to show hidden text in Word

1 - In the “Paragraph” tab, click on the icon indicated;

Microsoft Word Print

2 - The hidden text will appear dotted. Hit the arrow on the source tab, or press Ctrl + D;

Microsoft Word Print

3 - In the window, uncheck the “Hidden” option and click “Ok”.

Microsoft Word Print

Ready! Now you know how to use the function to hide text in Microsoft Word in a practical and fast way.

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