Nothing is more irritating than turning on your Xbox One, checking the green blinking light on the controller and not being able to carry out any commands. After all, who is already used to the consul knows that the event is an indication of a problem in the “lever".

It is true that the controls wireless brought greater autonomy for gamers - it is possible to play from the sofa or the bed without worrying about tangled wires - but with that came the pairing problems.


In the specific case of Xbox One, there are several factors that can cause the green light of the controller to blink: from low batteries to update problems.

Below are five tips to fix the problem with your Xbox controller once and for all.

How to fix your Xbox One controller with a blinking green light

1 - Check the Xbox One controller batteries

Control cells
Blinking green light can mean low batteries in the control. Photo: Andrew Fox / Shutterstock

As obvious as the tip may seem, check the battery of the Xbox One controller may be the simplest step to eliminate the blinker from the controller. This applies both to controls that use AA batteries and to those that use rechargeable batteries.

If you are sure that the batteries are charged, remove them from the control, wait 15 seconds and insert them again.

2 - Make sure that the controller is paired to the console and within range

If the controller is not responding to commands, it is possible that it is paired on another device. To pair with the console again, press the central button of the controller twice with the Xbox logo (if the last connection has been established with the video game).

In addition, the Xbox itself reinforces that the range of wireless controls is five to eight meters. Coverage can be even lower if there are walls or objects between the video game and the controller.

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3 - Do the pairing again

Xbox One controller connected to the console
New pairing can guarantee the connection between controller and Xbox One. Photo: icemanphotos / Shutterstock

In some cases, it will be necessary to re-pair the controller with Xbox One. To do this, press the console's pairing button, then press and hold the pairing button on the controller for 20 seconds.

If the control blinks more quickly until it displays a steady green light, it means that the process has worked.

4 - Restart your Xbox One and update your controller

Another alternative is to restart the console: just press and hold the “power” button for 10 seconds.

It is also worth checking the firmware version of your controller. THE update it can be done wirelessly or through the micro USB cable connected to the console.

5 - Connect the controller to the Xbox One with a micro USB cable

If none of the above are sufficient to eliminate the flashing green light on your Xbox One controller, use the good old micro cable USB.

The measure will certainly solve the problem, although it limits the player's autonomy.

Source: Business Insider