Moto of the future: Xiaomi to manufacture hydrogen powered motorcycle

Redaction April 7 2021

Xiaomi has announced that it will produce the first hybrid bike with an electric motor and the hydrogen, called Apex H2 Segway. The project comes from China and, even though it is still a concept, it has already opened a reservation for purchase orders since the beginning of April.

The Apex Segway line already has a motorcycle electrical, revealed by the company at the end of 2019. But Apex H2 stands out for its hybrid power supply, which combines an electric and endothermic motor joined by a solid alloy hydrogen cylinder.


According to Xiaomi, it is enough to just change the cylinder to supply the motorcycle. Estimated consumption is impressive: 1 gram of hydrogen per kilometer.

According to Segway, Apex H2 should be delivered from 2023 onwards. The estimated price is about 60 thousand reais in direct conversion. The price is high, but the product offers a lot of technology.