Selfie on Mars: Perseverance takes self portrait on the red planet

Redaction April 7 2021

The robot Perseverance, which landed on Mars on February 18, it has already sent more than 20 images of the planet, captured with the 23 cameras it has on board. And after photographing rocks, swirls, a helicopter and even a rainbow, he got some time to take a selfie. Oh, and detail, a high-resolution selfie.

The image that was posted on Tuesday in the official account of the rover on Twitter it shows practically the whole “body” and “head” of Perseverance. To make the selfie even more robust, the background is the Martian landscape.


The capture was made with an instrument called WATSON (Wide Angle Topographic Sensor for Operations and eNgineering), a high-resolution camera developed to photograph rocks, mounted on the tip of the robotic arm of the rover.