'Army of the Dead: Invasion in Las Vegas', zombie-filled horror movie directed by Zack Snyder (yes, the'snyder cut' in 'Justice League'), had its first official trailer released by Netflix.

The preview shows a group of soldiers being recruited to face an army of undead in search of a huge amount of money hidden in a casino. See below:


In the plot of 'Army of the Dead', Dave Bautista ('Guardians of the Galaxy') plays Scott Ward, a homeless war veteran who now sells hamburgers on the outskirts of Las Vegas, a city that was left in ruins after the outbreak of a virus that turns people into zombies.

He is approached by a casino tycoon named Bly Tanaka (Hiroyuki Sanada, from 'The Last Samurai') with a tempting proposal: to invade the city full of undead to steal $ 200 million from a safe before the government bombs Vegas in 32 hours. Hoping that the reward will help reconcile with his daughter, Kate (Ella Purnell, from 'The Home of Peculiar Children'), Ward takes on the mission and assembles a team of experts for the great theft.

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The cast of the main film also features Theo Rossi, Ana De La Reguera, Tig Notaro and Huma Qureshi. 'Army of the Dead' marks the return of Zack Snyder to the horror genre after 17 years, as the director's first feature film was 'Madrugada dos Mortos', a 2004 remake of the George A. Romero classic.

And the film didn't even release, but they already have two planned strings: the first, in fact, is a “prequence” (that is, a film that arrived later, but that tells of events from before its predecessor) directed by Matthias Schweighöfer, while the other is a “spin-off” in the format of anime, called 'Lost Vegas'.

Directed by Snyder, 'Army of the Dead: Invasion in Las Vegas' debuts on Netflix on May 21.

'Army of the Dead', by Zack Snyder. Image: Netflix / Disclosure
'Army of the Dead', by Zack Snyder. Image: Netflix / Disclosure

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