That the Apple Watch has a great focus on health everyone already knows, but now a study assesses whether the smartwatch is capable of detecting Covid-19 and other respiratory diseases, such as influenza.

"The objective of the study is to verify if the information collected by the Apple Watch and the iPhone can detect early signs of respiratory diseases like Covid-19", says the description of the research made by the Seattle Flu Study, in the United States.


The survey lasts six months and each participant will receive an Apple Watch. Volunteers also need to answer a series of questions in the Apple Research application on respiratory symptoms.

During the research period, participants will, in addition to health monitoring by Apple Watch, test Covid-19 frequently. To participate, all you need to do is live in Seattle, in the United States, be over 21 years old, be available to be part of the study for six months and have an iPhone 6s or higher. The number of volunteers to be analyzed has not been released.

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Apple Watch and heart disease

If coronavirus symptoms still cannot be measured by Apple Watch, heart disease can. At least that's what a study published in the PLUS ONE. The research followed, for six months, 110 patients who needed to perform procedures related to the heart. They were equipped with an iPhone 7 and an Apple Watch Series 3 with the VascTrac search app installed.

The study concluded that "cardiovascular frailty and functional capacity can be monitored and assessed remotely in patients with heart disease, allowing for monitoring with greater resolution". In addition to remote monitoring being less stressful for the patient, it also frees up time for the doctor to supplement the level of information about the patient's health status.

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