Polestar 2 will have two new versions equipped with only one electric motor. While the first model promises to be the “cheap” edition of the car it uses energy 100% clean, the second one focuses on autonomy, announced between 510 and 540 km.

As usual in the automotive sector, even more with electrical, some vehicles they appear initially with the main model and then cheaper versions appear. In the case of Polestar it is no different, but the novelty of the Swedish brand linked to Volvo is the use of only one electric motor, installed on the front axle and with front-wheel drive.


But the models are not, therefore, weak. The powers vary between 224 and 231 horses, and are equipped with wheels rim 19, headlights in LED, high-tech sound system, in addition to camera and parking sensors, seat upholstered with recycled material and entertainment system with 11-inch touchscreen.

Although “cheaper” these versions cost 40 and 60 thousand euros in Europe. In the direct conversion into reais, the amounts are 271 and 407 thousand reais.

Still a dream for few here in Brazil, isn't it?

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