A Volkswagen announced that the presentation of the new Polo 2022 is near. And according to a teaser anticipated by the brand this Monday (19), the updated edition of the compact hatch will adopt the illuminated radiator grille, used by SUV Taos, which arrives in the Brazilian market until June.

What's more, one of the most awaited mechanical novelties is a partial hybrid version of the Polo, with an electric motor to assist the combustion engine and make it more efficient, but without the ability to move the car alone.


At least in Europe, the new Polo will be unveiled on the 22nd, complementing the range that will keep the GTI sports version. In Brazil, this partial hybrid version is not expected to be released. However, the normal edition of the car - which will keep the 150 hp GTS option - will arrive throughout 2023.

Polo 2022 will be announced on April 22. Image: Volkswagen / Disclosure
Polo 2022 will be announced on April 22. Image: Volkswagen / Disclosure

Polo 2022: one way out there, the other in Brazil

As in the Taos, the Polo 2022 will have a different shape of the headlights, with signature LEDs in a downward bounce and extension that illuminates the entire base of the grille, which will also have the brand new logo, similar to Nivus.

Both the bounce in the headlights and the illuminated grille follow the style of the new generation of Golf, another inspiration for changes in the rear.

But in Brazil, the car may have a totally exclusive look. This is because the production of the Polo with the current look will be transferred from São Bernardo do Campo (SP) to the Vale do Paraíba factory, a place that is located between São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro.

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The older look will go on sale, but as a Polo Track and equipped only with 1.0 MPI engines of 84 hp and 1.6 MSI of 118 hp. The restyled edition, in production at the ABC São Paulo factory, will have 1.0 TSI engines with 128 hp and 1.4 TSI with 150 hp in the Comfortline, Highline and GTS models.

Anyway, here the restyling may be different, in the same way that today the compact has an exclusive front here. One of the main changes would be in the look of the rear, which would have no extension of the lanterns over the trunk lid, something expected from the European model.

Polo 2021. Image: Volkswagen / Disclosure
Polo 2021. Image: Volkswagen / Disclosure

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