Psychic Rose finally joined the cast of 'Street Fighter V'! After being recently featured on the digital program “Street Fighter V Spring Update“, She enters the ring as a playable character from the fifth and last season of game fight this Monday (19).

After Dan Hibiki's arrival in February, Rose is the second character added in 2021 to the latest title from franchise. The psychic was successful among the players when appearing for the first time in 'Street Fighter Alpha' and has been a constant presence in the series since then, having participated in all games of the line 'Alpha' and also in 'Street Fighter IV'. Check out the character in action in the trailer below:


Rose can be purchased as part of the Character Pass or Season 5 Premium Pass. The psychic can also be purchased separately for the suggested price of R $ 23,90 (PlayStation Store) or R $ 13,19 (Steam), in addition to the in-game currency option, 100.000 “Fight Money”. What's more, the brand new stage of the character, “Marina of Fortune”, based on its 'Street Fighter Alpha 2' scenario, is available for R $ 18,90 (PlayStation Store), R $ 8,79 (Steam) or 70.000 Fight Money.

In a renewed (and "appealing") type, Rose brings powerful blows that 'Street Fighter' veterans will soon recognize. The “Soul Satellite” attack is back, now as a V-Skill that allows the character to summon two orbs to pressure their opponents. There is also the “Soul Illusion”, “little power” from the 'Street Fighter Alpha' series, which returns as a V-Trigger and produces a shadow that follows and repeats the attacks made by Rose.

Rose is an "appealing character" in 'Street Fighter V'. Image: Capcom / Disclosure
Rose is an “appealing character” in 'Street Fighter V'. Image: Capcom / Disclosure

A new range of movements was also included in Rose. An example is his V-Skill “Soul Fortune”, a scam in which he draws one out of four tarot cards to give himself advantages or disadvantages to his opponents. This unprecedented ability opens up a new dimension of gameplay possibilities for the new character, and players can now decide whether to play offensive or defensive depending on the direction of the battle.

The "Soul Dimension" is Rose's new V-Trigger (unique abilities for each character), with which she can teleport to one of three points on the screen, allowing more combustion options.

In addition to Dan and Rose, Season 5 of the game will also feature Oro and Akira, two characters scheduled for the third quarter of 2021, as well as a fifth addition yet to be revealed. 'Street Fighter V' is available for PC (via Steam) is PlayStation 4 (PS4).

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