The Brazilian computer brand Ultra, from Multilaser, announced its arrival in retail last week. There are four models with different functions, from notebooks for light users, to more robust machines for those who need to multitask and run heavier programs.

According to the brand, partnerships were made with Microsoft products and Intel to try to keep the products with good prices and quality. “We are very optimistic with the arrival of the Ultra brand in retail. We are offering high performance solutions in a very competitive way. For that, of course, it was essential to choose good partners, ”said Fernando Nogueira, manager of the Notebooks and Screens business unit.


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The cheapest portable computer released so far is the Ultra Notebook 300 Series, which hits the market at a suggested value of R $ 2.199. The machine is suitable for more common tasks and internet browsing. It is equipped with the Pentium QuadCore processor, from Intel, 4GB of RAM and can have 500GB HDD or 120GB SSD. The touchpad offers a numeric option, a direct access button to Netflix and a 14.1 '' HD screen, with the Windows 10 operating system.

There are two versions at intermediate prices, the Ultra Notebooks 400 Series and the Ultra All in One, both for R $ 2.899. The first has the 3th generation Core i10, offering more performance and speed. With Windows 10 Home, this computer has a screen and touchpad similar to the previous model, but with the monitor in Full HD. Inside, however, it comes with a 480GB SSD.

The All in One comes with a wireless keyboard and mouse. Image: Multilaser / Disclosure

The All in One is made up of a thin 23,8 '' Full HD screen, 4G RAM and a Pentium QuadCore processor, running on Windows 10. There are two versions available, one with 120GB SSD and one with 500GB HDD storage. . The computer also comes with a wireless mouse and keyboard.

Finally, the most expensive model in the line launched at retail is the Ultra Notebooks 500 Series, with a suggested price of R $ 3.999. This computer is said to offer the best performance, with an Intel Core i5 10th generation processor. It also comes with a 480GB SSD and 8GB RAM, with Windows 10 Home. The machine has a 15,6 ”Full HD screen and a slim design.

The brand's computers are found in the Multilaser website and it also arrives in other stores in the segment. Ultra wants to enter the retail market to reach those who study and work at home, a function that part of the population has started to adopt because of the coronavirus pandemic. Before, the company's devices were focused only on the corporate market.