Toyota has finally announced its strategy for the production of electric vehicles. And the plan is bold: by 2025, the Japanese wants to add at least 15 battery-powered electric vehicles to its portfolio. In the last Shanghai Motor Show, carried out this year, the manufacturer had already revealed the model that would guide the rest of production, the BZ4X.  

The "electric SUVs" will help in the design of the brand's new vehicles for the BZ line ("Beyond Zero", or, "Beyond Zero" in translation). However, Toyota did not reveal any more information or specific details about the new assembly, unless the BZ4X was due to be launched in Japan and China later this year.

toyota bz4x
The Toyota BZ4X is the company's first all-electric model. Image credits: Press Release / Toyota

Also in search of offering different options to its customers, the company wants to launch 75 different vehicles to the market, also by 2025, with electric batteries, hydrogen fuel cells and gas-electric hybrids. The contract will have the help of Subaru, a Japanese automaker.

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The BZ4X itself is already included in this assembly line in partnership with Subaru. Its interior features an exclusive instrument panel, with the screen away from the steering wheel, to improve the driver's vision. It also comes with a series of buttons on the center console and steering wheel of the model, a detail that differentiates Toyota from other companies, such as Tesla, which are embracing the digital user experience.

It is worth remembering that Toyota was a pioneer in the development of electric vehicles, but its resistance to seeing the standard as the future of the segment, has made Tesla and other companies to take the lead in the race of electric vehicles.  

According to Toyota, the BZ4X should be launched worldwide in 2022.

Toyota wants to launch hybrid models on the American market in 2021

In February, the company announced that it has plans to launch two fully electric cars on the United States market by the end of 2021.

The decision is a change in the direction of Japanese company, which currently does not have any electric models being sold there, with only hybrid and plug-in hybrid cars, which are vehicles charged with an external power source.

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