Fiat launched on Thursday (22) the new Toro, the car of the automaker, in nine versions. Now, the mix of SUV com pickup truck will offer drivers and passengers more technology and connection. The model update is, for the automaker, the “most important evolution since the launch”, which took place in 2016.

The multimedia center of vehicle was redesigned, now with 10,1 inches, vertically, with several connected services. Among them, maintenance, security and emergency, navigation, virtual assistance and entertainment in the vehicle with dedicated wi-fi. For this access, Fiat entered into a partnership with Tim, for having the largest Internet of Things (IoT) network in the country. The telephone operator will provide eSIM, chip Internet access, enabling navigation and the user experience.


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Toro Ultra Turbo Diesel AT9. Image: Fiat / Disclosure

Toro also won technological renewals on the brakes. Now, it has the Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS) in the Ranch and Ultra versions, being optional for the Freedom and Volcano configurations. Toro Endurance, however, was left out of the driver assistance equipment.

ADAS has autonomous emergency braking (AEB), automatic headlight switching (AHB) and lane departure warning (LDW). The first works through a camera positioned in front of the car, detecting the distance from the vehicle in front. When approaching too close, the driver receives an audible and visual signal, followed by a light brake application.

The AEB also works if the system detects that the brake has not received enough force, increasing the pressure to the level necessary to avoid a collision. If the driver does not react to an immediate risk of crash, the system can also fully brake Toro.

Toro Endurance. Image: Fiat / Disclosure

Through the AHB, the vehicle turns the headlights on or off, analyzing various forms of lights, including headlights, rear lights and ambient light. This part works by a camera mounted on the rear view mirror. He also turns off high-beam headlights if he sees other car lights approaching. The car's headlights are Full LED.

LDW, the lane departure warning, uses the camera front to detect the demarcations of the lane in front of the vehicle and monitor its position in the lane. If the car is about to move unintentionally off the track, it warns the driver by means of a visual, audible signal and a steering wheel vibration.

New Ranch Turbo Diesel AT9
Toro Ranch Turbo Diesel AT9. Image: Fiat / Disclosure

Inside, the new Fiat Toro also has the Cluster Full Digital 7 '' in all versions. In it, the instrument panel is completely digital, with a TFT screen for better viewing of information and messages without abbreviations. Models with automatic transmission AT6 will be sold with the Neutral Function, which automatically puts the transmission in the Neutral (N) position when the vehicle stops in drive (D), to save fuel.

Check out the versions of the new Fiat Toro:

  • The Endurance 1.8 Flex AT6 is the cheapest among the vehicles in the series, for R $ 114.590. It has: 7 '' Full Digital Cluster; TC + (Electronic Locker); Tire pressure reader (iTPMS); Side and curtain airbags; Front USB (types A and C); Rear USB; 7 ”multimedia center; Two tweeters; External mirrors with tilt down; Audio controls on the steering wheel; Air conditioning; Electric steering; Electric windows; Electric locking; Alarm; Rear defroster; Adjustable driver's seat; Isofix; Automatic pilot; LED DRL (daylight); Rear parking sensor; Ladder door; Side repeater; Electronic stability and traction controls, Hill Holder; Bucket lining; Alloy wheels takes 16 ”(Superspoke); Bucket lighting light and LED rear lamps.
  • The Endurance Turbo 270 Flex AT6 is very similar, but adds the 185 hp Turbo Flex Engine (ethanol), costing R $ 119.590.
  • The Freedom Turbo 270 Flex AT6, for R $ 131.890, also has the same items as the basic pickup, plus 8,4 ”multimedia center; Paddle shifters; Reverse camera; Leather steering wheel; Dual zone digital air conditioning; Front armrest; Mat; Full LED headlights; 17 ”light alloy wheel; Longitudinal bars on the ceiling; Foglamp; Marine canopy; Door handles and mirrors in the color of the vehicle.
  • The Volcano Turbo 270 Flex AT6 maintains Freedom items, plus a front parking sensor; TBM + NAV (connectivity); Wireless changer; Airbag on knees; 18 ”alloy wheel; Leather seats; High Tech Kit; External mirrors with tilt down and puddle light; Rear armrest; Object holder in the passenger's seat; Keyless Enter-N'Go; Electric adjustment seats and chrome door handle and door frame. This version costs R $ 144.990.
  • The Endurance Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4 is in the next range, for R $ 152.990. The car comes with a 170 hp turbo diesel engine; ESC OFF (4 × 4 low); 9-speed transmission; 4 × 4 traction with selector; Electronic descent control and crankcase protector.
  • The Freedom Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4 costs R $ 164.390, similar to the engine above, but with features also present in the Freedom Turbo 270 Flex AT6.
  • With characteristics of the Volcano Turbo Flex, the Volcano Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4 costs R $ 177.690 and has the items also of the other diesel engines.
  • The Toro Ranch Rubo Diesel AT9 4 × 4, for R $ 185.490, has a series of items, such as: multimedia center with 10,1 ”screen; Differentiated front grille; ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System); Chromed external mirrors; Side frame of the specific wheel box; protection bar for the rear window; Chrome protection bar; Chrome Santantonio; Chromed stirrup; Para-clay; Leather seats specific finish (brown); External badge on the front doors; Internal badge; Darkened interior finishes; Dark exterior finishes; Color and finish of the panel (brown); Specific cluster (Welcome Movement); Carpet rugs with embroidery.
  • Finally, the top-of-the-line model is the Utra Turbo Diesel AT9 4 × 4, for R $ 187.490. The vehicle is different from the previous one: dynamic bed cover (hard top); Cargo bag; New 10 mm larger gauge; Integrated Santantonio; Black stirrup; 17 ”light alloy wheels + AT plus tires with white writing; Leather seats with specific finish (red); Dark exterior finishes and Fiat logo; Door handle in external color; Color and finish of the panel (red) and embroidery on the back on the front seats.

The car will start to be sold in dealerships from March 15th, all over the world. Brazil.