This Saturday morning (24), the Indonesian Marina reported that searches for the military submarine KRI Nanggala-402, disappeared with 53 people on board, reached the end: were found wreckage which indicate that the vessel sank and that there is no hope of finding survivors. 

"According to our findings and the elements that come from the 'KRI Nanggala', we changed the situation of the submarine from missing to 'sunken'," said the spokesman for the Indonesian Marina and Admiral Yudo Margono at a press conference. The information is from the agency Associated Press.


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According to the authorities, there is a possibility that the submarine sank to about 700 meters of depth, a mark that exceeds its ideal limit of 200 meters. "If he sank to 700 meters, there is a good chance that he broke," French Vice Admiral Antoine Beausssant told the news agency France Presse.

The investigation also detected an oil slick in the area where the vessel sank, suggesting the rupture of the fuel tank and technical problems. 

During the press conference, the admiral went on to detail that the submarine must have gradually cracked, as it was sinking. This process would have happened when he was at a depth of 300 to 500 meters. 

Submarine rescue efforts

Last Friday (23), the United States sent search and rescue equipment to help find the KRI Nanggala-402.

“We are deeply saddened by the news of the loss of the Indonesian submarine and our thoughts are with the Indonesian sailors and their families. At the invitation of the Indonesian government, we are sending airborne means to assist in the search for the missing submarine, ”wrote John Kirby, Pentagon press secretary, on Twitter, on Thursday (22).

KRI Nanggala-402 lost contact with the Indonesian Navy on Wednesday (21), during exercises military north of the island of Bali. His disappearance came shortly after the submarine received authorization to submerge.

Rescuers had previously warned that oil reserves oxygen of the crew could end at 15pm on Friday, in the GMT + 7 time zone (Saturday morning according to Brasilia time).

Street: Associated Press