Released for iPhones last Monday (26), iOS 14.5 brought several new features for Apple users. In addition to the anti-tracking feature of apps, the highlight goes to the functionality that allows the user to unlock their device through the Apple Watch, even if he is wearing a mask.

The feature presents an interesting adaptation to a global coronavirus pandemic scenario. After all, even a quick act of removing the mask just to unlock the iPhone can be harmful to users.


However, it is worth mentioning that the camera Face ID looking for a face with a mask, but not necessarily yours. That is, if both devices are close enough, even a relative with a mask will be able to unlock the iPhone with iOS 14.5.

To circumvent the stalemate, a warning on the Apple Watch is displayed every time the cell is unlocked. In addition to the announcement, there is a function that allows the user to lock the device instantly. This will cause the iPhone to require a password at the next unlock.

If you want to activate the new unlock feature on iPhones with iOS 14.5, follow the tutorial below.

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How to unlock your iPhone with iOS 14.5 by Apple Watch

First of all, it must be remembered that the unlock feature from the facial recognition of people with a mask is only available in the iOS 14.5 update on iPhones.

In addition, you will need the watchOS 7.4 version on your Apple Watch. For the tutorial to be successful, this device must also be configured with a password.

With updates up to date, put your Apple smart watch on your wrist to proceed. The rest of the process will be done only on your iPhone with iOS 14.5. To start, go to “Settings” on the device.

Accessing the settings on your iPhone with iOS 14.5

Access the option “Face ID and Code”. The device will require the iPhone password. Enter it to proceed.

Entering the "Face ID and Code" section

That done, look for the section “Unlock with Apple Watch” or “Unlock with Apple Watch”. Enable the option and confirm the action again. Wait until your iPhone with iOS 14.5 releases functionality.

Unlocking the option

Ready! Now your iPhone will be able to be unlocked by Face ID - and with the Apple Watch, of course - even if you're using it mask.

Source: The Verge