The success of Juliette Freire, from the current edition of Big Brother Brasil (BBB 21) it's so big which has now turned game! A fan created a game mobile devices in honor of sister called 'Vai Juliette!', in which the character needs to avoid obstacles and enemies along the way - of course, with several references to situations witnessed by the participant of the reality show.

Juliette Freire's Instagram
Juliette Freire is a participant in the reality show BBB 21. Image: Instagram

Available for Android devices, the game it is of the “endless runner” genre, that is, the race is infinite until you lose to some obstacle… and there are not any obstacles, see? Juliette’s avatar needs to dodge walls (just like the BBB’s elimination system) and enemies, which in this case are green snake, bananas and flying saucers with rapper Karol Conká, considered the “villain” of the current season of reality and eliminated by the public with more than 99% of the votes.


And Paraiba has help with the game, see? The more you collect cacti (reference to fan club name Juliette) and eat couscous along the way, more points she makes, besides being immune for a while. What's more, the character manages to get rid of enemies by hitting them with a couscous (yes, it is).

'Go Juliette!' Image: Reproduction
'Go Juliette!' Image: Reproduction

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In an interview with splash, creator Ittalo Ornillo, Juliette's fellow countryman, says he is a big fan of the reality show and hopes that the game “will be fun and loved by everyone”. The developer also reveals that he will release constant updates to the title, adding new clothes, enemies and mechanics.

Curious fact: in 'Vai Juliette!', The character is dressed as a policeman, as in the “punishment of the monster” - type of punishment on the reality show - that he participated in during the BBB 21.

And what happens when you lose in game? If you are defeated, you will hear Juliette's voice shouting phrases that have become popular throughout the TV Globo program, such as “NOOOOOOOO!” or “what a hell!”. Sometimes, the avatar in the middle of the game says: “When I get nervous, I get lost” or “God defending me”. “It is so fun to hear the catchphrases that it almost makes you want to make a mistake on purpose”, jokes Ornillo Splash.

The game 'Go Juliette! ' is exclusive, for now, only for Android devices and is available free of charge at Google Play Store. O game it has been downloaded 380 thousand times only in the last days and has a very high fan rating: 4,9 stars out of 5 possible (with more than 26 thousand reviews). The version for iOS devices awaits Apple approval and should arrive soon.

Cover of the game 'Vai Juliette!', Available on the Play Store. Image: Reproduction
Cover of the game 'Vai Juliette!', Available on the Play Store. Image: Reproduction

Sources: Splash e Google Play Store

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