Commercial restrictions on United States impacted Huawei's profit again. The company headquartered in China declared that its revenue in the first quarter fell 1% year on year to 16,5 billion yuan (R $ 152,2 billion, in the current conversion).

However, Huawei's net profit margin increased by 16,9 billion yuan (R $ 14,1 billion reais). This can be explained by the company's cost cuts and the receipt of a patent license in the amount of US $ 600 million, something close to R $ 3,2 billion.

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U.S. restrictions cause Huawei's earnings to drop. Image: Shutterstock

In his earnings statement, the rotating president of chinese company, Eric Xu, pointed out that 2021 would be a challenging year. Huawei comes from the toughest year on record, when the Donald Trump administration's sanctions stifled the smartphone business and prevented advances in the manufacture of chips and fifth-generation networks.

And despite the change in the US government, expectations are not the best, as the new president Joe Biden it does not show signs of change in the policy adopted by the predecessor.

“We remain committed to technological innovation and investing heavily in R&D as we work to meet the challenges of continuity of supply caused by restrictions in the market,” said the president of Huawei.

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New Huawei smartphone

Huawei's newest bet on the Chinese mobile market is the Nova 8 Pro 4G smartphone. The model features connectivity settings geared to the previous technology of the Nova 8 Pro 5G, launched by the brand in December 2020. 

Huawei Nova 8 Pro 4G comes in four color options. Credit: Huawei / Disclosure

However, the device has a number of improvements over its 5G version. The Huawei Nova 8 Pro 4G arrives with a 6,72 ”OLED screen and a FullHD + resolution of 2676 x 1236 pixels, a screen with support for a refresh rate of 120 Hz, against 90 Hz of the 5G version. 

The model keeps the powerful Kirin 985 processor paired with 8GB RAM of the 5G variant. Regarding storage, the launch comes with options of 128 GB and 256 GB. To check the device's specifications, access the full article.

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