O Facebook e Instagram posted a warning “False information” in a video published on Monday (26) on the profiles of Jair Bolsonaro. In the images, a man compares headlines in Portuguese and Spanish stories from the newspaper El País, in relation to the speech he made at the World Economic Forum in 2019 in Davos.

The person in the video says that the title of the text published in Spanish stated that the Brazilian president “cheered up” investors with the speech. Meanwhile, in Portuguese, it said that Bolsonaro “disappointed”, with a brief speech in Davos.


"If you don't read the newspaper you are out of information, if you read you are uninformed", wrote Jair Bolsonaro in the caption of the post.

The Lupa agency checked the information and warned that the content is false, since the word “animate” in Spanish does not have the same meaning as in Portuguese. Therefore, to animate means "to incite someone to take an action".

“In this way, it differs from the more common usage in Brazilian Portuguese, which is related to 'transmitting mood', 'giving life' or 'stimulating',” explained the agency. Facebook and Instagram have warned that the information is false in the publication, even though the video can still be watched by anyone.

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Source: UOL

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