O Big Brother Brazil is one of the main Brazilian television programs and has broken several world records in the category. The reality show of Globo it is shown once a year and, thanks to the 2020 and 2021 editions, it has returned to the focus of interest of several people throughout Brazil due to the high visibility on television and also on the internet. The success is so great that the broadcaster has already announced that there will be another edition and has started the registration phase for BBB 22.

Currently, entering a reality it is no longer summarized in the search for the final prize of the program, but in the consolidation of a career abroad. We can use the case of participant Juliette Freire as an example of this. The lawyer and makeup artist entered the program with just over 3 thousand followers and even before the television final she has reached more than 22,8 million followers on Instagram, not counting the success on other social networks. In this way, the 31-year-old Paraiba can leave the most watched house in Brazil, becoming one of the largest digital influencers the country.


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Understanding the success of the latest editions of reality, Globo announced on Thursday (29) that registration for BBB 22 is now open. The broadcaster has not yet revealed whether the new edition will follow current standards, separating participants between “Pipoca” (strangers) and “Camarote” (famous), but it is likely to be so, since the model won public approval and rekindled the interest in the program, making it the most commented attraction on Twitter in 2020.

Although we think that there are many prerequisites for completing enrollments, Globo's requirements are basic. Applicants must be at least 18 years old by December 31, 2021 and a maximum of 71 years old by December 31, 2022.

How to register for BBB 22:

1 - Access the official portal Rede Globo;

2 - Select the region of Brazil where you live;

3 - Provide your personal data to complete the login on the portal;


The first contact is always made by e-mail and by some address with the domain “@ redeglobo.com.br”. Do not believe messages sent by senders with other domains.

4 - Answer the questionnaire that has more than 85 questions;

5 - At the end of the registration, a video of the future participant will also be requested.

Ready! Now you know how to apply for a vacancy at BBB 2022. Good luck in your quest to be another participant in the most watched house in Brazil!

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