By means of relevant fact, the boards of directors of Lojas Americanas and B2W approved on Wednesday (28) the spin-off of the companies that will give life to the Americanas SA brand as a result of the negotiation.

The companies had already announced the beginning of the procedures for joining operations in February this year, in order to combine the physical stores of Americanas with the digital collection of B2W, which is the controller of the brands Shoptime, Submarino and


With the spin-off proposal, Lojas Americanas' operating assets
and liabilities related to them will belong to the B2W and 100% of the operational activities of both companies will be carried out directly by B2W, which in turn will give rise to the new Americanas SA brand.

Image shows the screen of a smartphone with the B2W Digital logo on the screen.
The combination of operations is a strategy to increase the brand value in the market and also to strengthen the digital business. Credit: rafapress / Shutterstock

According to the companies, the operational union aims to “maximize the customer experience on a new journey ”.

The proposal on how the spin-off should take place is still in the vote and the split should only be released in June.

Combination strategy

Although it seems obvious that Lojas Americanas and are the result of the same brand, behind them, their operations are slightly different.

Lojas Americanas currently operates through physical stores in the traditional, express and convenience models., on the other hand, is an integral part of B2W Digital, a company that was born in 2006 from the merger of the online store with the companies Shoptime and Submarino - even so, the company has a digital streak.

Thus, the operations separated, making Lojas Americanas the controlling shareholder of 62,5% of B2W.

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B2W, in turn, operates through marketplace models and ecommerce and will be responsible for 100% of the control of Lojas Americanas with the spin-off.

The combination of operations was already something very much demanded by the market and it is also a strategy to increase the brand value, as well as to strengthen the digital business - something more and more relevant after the impact of the coronavirus.

Part of the decision was also made due to the unfolding of the crisis caused by the pandemic, which accelerated the massive movement of companies to digital and the consequent competition in the world of online shopping.

According to the companies, the combination of operations "will allow the creation of an even more powerful platform, placing Americanas in a more favorable position to capture future opportunities."

The image, on a dark background, shows the illustration of a handshake, one blue and one yellow; both hands were digitally drawn and are filled with lines that form luminous networks.
The split of companies can further strengthen the brand and make the dispute in Brazilian e-commerce a true race for leadership. Credit: Shutterstock

After the move, the forecast is that the Americanas SA brand will also make a debut on the stock exchange in the United States, bringing even more visibility to trading.

All of this can result in an increasingly fierce dispute for space in online commerce, a universe that companies have as main competitor the retailer Magazine Luiza.

The combined operations account for a network of around 1,7 physical stores in 750 Brazilian cities, an online marketplace with more than 87 salespeople who, last year, totaled R $ 40 billion in sales.

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