Google Assistant, the company's virtual assistant, has a series of functions to assist users in day-to-day tasks, bringing convenience in the use of cell phones. Just like the Crab, from Apple, and the Alexa, from Amazon, Google Assistant is a artificial intelligence which works by recognizing and identifying voice commands.

Among the various tools present on the native mobile phone platform Android, today we’re going to highlight the possibility of sending messages with Google Assistant.


The process is very simple, just that the contact to whom you want to send the message is saved in your smartphone. This tool can be very useful for those times when we have our hands full and we need to talk to someone.

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Sending messages with Google Assistant

1 - Activate the virtual assistant, which is also available for cell phones iOS, saying “Ok, Google!”;

Google Assistant Print

2 - For the Assistant to send a message, just say the following phrase: “Send a message to [name of contact]. Variations of this same sentence can work, since artificial intelligence will recognize the requested action;

Google Assistant Print

3 - If there are two people with the same name in your contact list, the Google Assistant will ask who you want to send the message to;

4 - Choose which application will be used to send the message;

Google Assistant Print

5 - The Google Assistant will then ask you which message you want to send. Dictate what you want to say and, at the end, check if the text was written in the desired way;

6 - If everything is correct, just say "Send!" and the tool will forward the message to the desired contact.

Google Assistant Print

Ready! Now you know how to gain even more practicality in your day to day, sending messages using the voice command of the Google Assistant.

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