In addition to R $ 1,5 million, Camilla de Lucas, Fiuk or Juliette on Tuesday (4), in the final of Big Brother Brasil 21, he will win a car that is so new that nobody has seen it yet. Fiat has announced that it will reveal, during the program, its new SUV - until now known as Progetto 363 and scheduled to be launched in the second half of the year.

The model will be presented to the most voted BBB 21. The little technical information has been released by Fiat so far. Among its features is the same platform for connected services that was launched in Brazil at the premiere on Nova Toro (which also served as a prize in the program).


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Among the functions supported by the model are remote operations via the application, SmartWatch e virtual assistant (such as turning the vehicle on and off, locking the doors and accessing car maintenance information), as well as driving alerts, emergency calls and on-board Wi-Fi. In the case of Toro, Fiat entered into a partnership with Tim to supply the eSIM, a virtual chip for internet access, enabling navigation and the user experience.

The Progetto 363, which only gets its official name this Tuesday, has a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine with direct injection, 12V and MultiAir head. According to the automaker, it took “more than three years of development of the unprecedented GSE Turbo flex engine” and 30 hours of bench testing.

The model will be 10 cm larger than the Argo - where 95% of its platform comes from. Alloy wheels 17 inches and full LED headlights complete what is known of the design of the Progetto 363.

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