Electric cars share the opinions of those in love with automobiles who consider themselves more “purist” because they appreciate things like the noise of combustion engines or the smell of gasoline. Most of the time, these people use the social networks or their spaces in the media to make their criticisms against the electric ones. 

However, vandals from the city of Munich, Germany, went much further when using ground meat to damage some electric car charging stations. The meats were placed inside connectors, which were unusable and needed to be replaced. 


The station was inoperative for a few days until the plugs were replaced, which was a relatively simple process. This was the first of some such attacks on electric car charging stations in the Bavarian region. 

Political positioning?

Just like chewing gum placed in spaces for charging cell phones on buses in São Paulo, meats in electric car chargers can be just a bad joke. However, it can also be a political act by someone who is against electric vehicles and policies adopted in Europe in your favor. 

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In mid-2019, some Tesla car owners fell victim to an orderly movement of non-electric car owners. Called ICE-ing (acronym for internal combustion engine), the attack consisted of people parking their vehicles near charging stations, preventing owners of trams from charging their cars. 

The situation meant that Tesla had to adopt a measure to curb this type of attack in China, where obstacles were installed in front of the Superchargers, which is how the automaker's stations are known. To release the entry, it became necessary to display a QR code that reduces the obstacle and allows the Tesla driver to enter. 

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