The Housing and Urban Development Company (CDHU) issued an alert about a new scam on WhatsApp. Criminals are impersonating agency officials and sending fake collection slips to pay off debts in the pandemic.

According to CDHU, to call the victims' attention and to attract them to the coup, the fraudsters offer huge discounts on WhatsApp and claim that the crisis caused by Covid-19 is giving better payment terms for those who are part of the program.


To justify the attendance by a personal account in the messenger, the criminals claim that they are sending the message through the application because the face-to-face posts of the CDHU are closed and the Call Center is inoperative due to the pandemic.

CDHU reported that it is taking all necessary steps to restrain the action of the coup by WhatsApp and also said that the families contacted by the group are being advised to make a police report, regardless of whether they have made payments or not.

Stay tuned so you don't fall for it

The company stated that it does not “send slips by WhatsApp, does not request any type of deposit or bank transfer or PIX to pay slips or pay debts and their slips are issued only by Caixa Econômica Federal or Banco do Brasil, whose bar codes start with 104 or 001 ”.

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The CDHU also explained that, contrary to what the authors of the WhatsApp coup say, the Call Center never stopped working during the entire pandemic period and the regional offices have specific rules for face-to-face service. The email addresses used by employees are always official, such as @ cdhu.sp.gov.br or @ apoiocdhu.sp.gov.br. The company also guarantees that it does not "use public e-mail (gmail, hotmail, ig and others)".