Did you know that Facebook has an activity log that allows you to check all the content you liked or commented on social network? Follow the tutorial and learn how and where to check the information.

Despite being on the obsolete list for some users, Facebook is still one of the main and most used social networks. Since its beginnings, the platform offers a tool that can help you remember what you interacted with on the network. The resource even serves to find publications already seen, “dislike” content and even indicate that someone may be using your account.


This tutorial was performed on an iPhone 7 phone, but the tool is also available on Android and via the computer.

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How to see what I liked on Facebook?

1. Open the app, tap on your profile tab and click on the three dots under your name;

2. Click on “Activity Log”. The most recent activities will appear on the next screen, the order of viewing is chronological;

3. You can filter the year and the category of what you want to consult, such as interactions, bookings or information that you have changed in your profile, for example. The options for years range from when you joined Facebook to the present day;

4. To view or edit the activity, tap the three dots next to the record. Depending on the activity, the options change, but in general you can view the content, edit the privacy of a publication, remove or report - in case of improper booking - return to your profile, among other alternatives.

To dismiss a reaction such as "I love" and "sad", tap "Remove reaction". To just like a post, click on the “Dislike” option;

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