In 2019, Facebook added to the platform the “Memorial” function, a new tax section. The resource serves to transform the profile of someone who has died into a kind of file, leaving it as a form of homage to that person. To use the tool, it is not necessary to have the account owner's password, facilitating communication with the social network.

To change a friend's or relative's account to memorial mode, you need to request the “Memorial” via the Facebook Help Center tab. When requesting, you must have the full name of the deceased, the date of death and documentation that proves the death.


After transforming the profile of someone in memorial, the text “In memory of” is over the person's name. O login on the account will no longer be possible, even being a way to keep the account safe, but old posts will remain visible allowing friends and family to share memories.

In addition to this, there is yet another way to manage the Facebook of people who have already died with the Contact Heir. However, for this it is necessary that in life the owner of the profile has added someone of his trust as his "Contact Heir", so, in case of death, he is automatically responsible for the management of the profile.

For cases where the person has not selected a contact to take care of their account after death, requesting the memorial may be an option.

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How do I request a Facebook account to become a memorial?

1. Open the app, click on the three bars in the lower right corner, scroll down to the "Help and Support" tab and click on "Help Center";

2. Search the search field for “memorial”. Several options for answers related to the topic will appear, find the alternative on “How to inform Facebook about the death…”, click on it.

3. A text about what a memorial account will appear and a link written “Contact us” will appear to make the request. Click on it.

4. On the next page you must fill in the form with the necessary information - which we have already mentioned above in the text. When finished, click on “Send”.

Ready! Request made. After that, just wait for the response from Facebook's analysis.

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