Real Iron Man: Jet pack used in military operations is being tested in the UK

Redaction 03/05/2021 21:23 PM, updated 03/05/2021 21:25 PM

Fly like the Iron Man is increasingly possible in the world real. The UK Navy tests a new model of jet pack to be used in tactical operations.

The Royal Marines, an amphibious infantry force in the UK Navy, recently conducted an exercise to test the feasibility of new equipment in boarding operations: a jet pack, which allows the user to fly like Iron Man.


Currently, the best option is to use a helicopter and lower soldiers on the deck of the ship using ropes or ladders. But with the Jet Suit produced by Gravity Industries, soldiers can approach using an inflatable dinghy.

One of them takes off with the boat in motion and lands a few seconds later on the ship's deck. Once there, he can lower a ladder for his colleagues on the boat to board.

The backpack weighs 27 kilos and can be put into action much more quickly, and at a lower cost, than a flight of helicopter.

The equipment is still in the testing phase, and cannot be sold. It is powered by aviation kerosene, and has four jet turbines that are mounted on the user's arms. The user controls the flight by changing the direction in which the turbines are pointed.

Initially, the idea is that the jet pack is used in specific areas, such as the military, security in police operations and even in medical rescues in areas of difficult access.

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